Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[EF] #4 Doraemon Magic Tools

I apologize for not being able to join the group chat in BEC Learning Group nor in the Chitchat Group during this last 3 weeks. I also missed the second and the third challenge because I did not have enough time to write or do any blog walking. But this fourth challenge, I cannot afford to miss it since it is about Doraemon and you know how much I love Doraemon. (You don't? Well, fine then.)

So, talking about Doraemon's magic tool, if I am only allowed to pick one, I would choose the magical pocket itself so that I can grab any tools that I want. It's like asking a genie who would only grant one wish for you and for that one wish, you wish that he would grant you 100 more wishes. Choosing only 1 from hundreds of those science fiction-ed tools is impossible for me. I am too greedy. *grin* But I would list my TOP 3.

First, I want that Anywhere Door the most of course, because I really want to visit so many places in the future. Instead of visiting foreign countries, I'd like to explore more about the beauty of Indonesia. We know that Indonesia is a beautiful country, but most places are still virgin or unreachable. Not that it is really unreachable, but mostly they are not tourism spot because there are no transportation or any other accommodations for tourists making it hard to visit. Well, if I have this Anywhere Door, it would be so useful for me to visit any places I want without worrying about the transportation.

The second on the list would be the Jelly Translator!  Well, I think I am so gonna need this in order to talk to Michan. Michan is my only friend who knows everything about me (I told her everything of course) but it seems like she doesn't care  at all because she could not answer or console me when I have problems. She is a cat. Of course she doesn't talk. But it would be so lovely if she could talk. Or should I not give her that Jelly Translator at all? Just in case she tells me to stop complaining instead of consoling me everytime I come to her for an advice. Lol.

And last but not least, I want that machine which takes the form of public phone. I don't know the name. You only need to make a phone call and anything you say, anything you want, anything you demand, would be the rule in the real world. Well, it would be fun if I have that machine and demand that "chubby is the new sexy". No more diet. Everybody may eat everything they want without worrying about their weight. What a useful machine for me and so many other fat people *evil laugh*


Dani Rachmat Kurniawan said...

Love your spirit Miwwa!There's no too late for the challenge! :D

R_Ming24 said...

We missed you Miwwa. Glad that you are back now. Welcome back!

I forgot about that phone booth. Hahahaha. Nice one. I support you Miwwa as a Chubby members. *highfive

Ninda said...

hahahhahaa michaaan miw loves you so much

melissa nath said...

Yap, kantong doraemon! How about ? baling-baling bambu? :D Ini pertama kali aku mampir kesini, salam kenal, ijin bacabca ya :D

Beby Rischka said...

Kalok punya pintu ke mana aja emang enak ya, traveling bakalan gratis. Huahahah.. :D