Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Farewell Party

The day has finally come. Today is the farewell party for Miss Inka and Miss Yu and tomorrow is their official last day at the office.
We planned a pajamas party before at Miss Inka's place but there were several objections. Some of us might not allowed to sleep over, some had other plans at that particular time, and it wouldnt be fair for the boys too, so we dropped off that idea. To make it easy so everyone could make it, we come to this idea. We would have lunch together and get some photoes taken as a remembral. (Neville's remembral?) Yes, just as easy and simple as that.

We gathered at the center and discussed where to had lunch. The chosen place was XO Suki at Mall Ciputra as I proposed. A greap place it was. Too bad I had caught a flu so my taste bud was not working, but le friend said that the food is good. After finished eating, we headed back to the office to have another session of saying goodnye. Miss Airin's mom made us a special farewell cake and we really thanked her for that. Thank you so much, Aunty!

Before having the cake, it was a speech time. Each and everyone of us had to do a speech and told what they feel toward each other after the time we spent working together. I didn't say much. I wanted to, but I couldnt say it. It was just sad. Truly. Miss Inka was crying. And I didn't want to spill my tears too so I just told nonsense.

Actually, she is my favorite person at the office, and the closest one to me too, and I feel really heartbroken that she is leaving. She is a very positive and optimist person and I learned a lot from her. She is like a sister I have never had.

See you when I see you!