Monday, February 16, 2015

[EF] #6 Alter Ego

When the words "alter ego" come to my mind, I can't help but think of Beyonce's "Sasha Fierce". Perhaps because I was a fan of her and I really like her 3rd studio album I Am... Sasha Fierce. But 5 years after the introduction of Sasha fierce, Beyonce announced that she is dead and there was a new alter ego born named YONCE. Proof that somebody might have more than just one alter ego, I think. Okay, forget about Sasha Fierce or YONCE. I am supposed to talk about my own alter ego here.

Well, without looking for the definition of alter ego in a dictionary, in my very basic comprehension, it is someone's other personality that people rarely knows about. Unless you are a famous person and you want to publish it like Beyonce does. It is like Clark Kent and Superman, or Peter Parker and Spiderman. Or.... Let's find other examples of alter ego besides those of the Superheroes. Too mainstream. *thinking thinking* Is it like Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana style and Miley Cyrus that we see today? Does that count as an alter ego? Or... I know! Do you remember that very poor side of Professor Dumbledore who was wishing for a new pair of socks for his Christmast presents? For someone who is very famous and wise and powerful like him, wishing for a new pair of socks as a present somehow shows his loneliness besides all those popularity and appreciations he has got. The weak and pitiful side of him.

I have spent several days thinking about this alter ego of mine (since the topic for week #6 published), but nothing comes out to my mind. What is my alter ego? What is that other side of me that people does not know? Or is it buried too deep down there in my heart that even I myself do not know about it? I don't know.  Should I create one? And give her a name and decorate her the way I want my wildest side to be? Sounds interesting. I'll update this post once I find it for sure. ;)


Anonymous said...

Wooh. This gonna be a long living post then Miwwa? Until you find your alter ego this post will always be waiting for you to update. Hihihihi.

m rahadi said...

i'm waiting miwwa..

Aulia Rahman said...

alter ego just an excuse you find when you don't want to be blamed. blah blah. good you don't have one. :D *party crusher*

First Name said...

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